Tuff Torq TZT Transmission Rebuild Kit 187Q0899500-7L

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New OEM Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission repair kit. Fits Tuff Torq TZT-7 zero-turn transaxles. Includes piston assemblies, center case, seals, o-rings, oil, oil filter and case sealant. For left side only (when sitting on mower). Compatible with John Deere transaxle part numbers AUC15341, AM140313 and MIA12728. If unsure of compatibility, please contact us with serial numbers to verify.


EZtrak Z425 serial number 130001 and up
EZtrak Z435
EZtrak Z445 serial number 130001 and up
EZtrak Z465 serial number 130001 and up
ZTrak Z525E
ZTrak Z535M
ZTrak Z540M