3PK Oregon 20" Latest Pro Chisel Chain 72EXL 70 Drive Links (D70/E70 Compatible) Fits Echo CS-590 Timberwolf, CS-600

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Oregon's latest PowerCut 70 EXL series professional chainsaw chain replaces the older LGX series. This 70 link loop of 72EXL fits 20" Echo CS-590, CS-600 and CS-620. Fits other brands and models that specify D70 or E70 chain. This full chisel chain is 3/8" pitch, .050" gauge, 70 drive links.
  • Latest Oregon EXL pro series replaces LGX
  • Full chisel chain, 3/8" pitch .050" gauge (70 drive links)
  • Fits Echo CS-590 Timberwolf, CS-600P, CS-620P with 20" bars
  • Also fits other brands and models that use D70 or E70 chain with 20" bars